Wellington College Shop Opening Times During Christmas Holidays

Please be advised that during the festive period the College Shop will operate the usual school holiday opening times. 

(Monday-Friday, 09:30-16:30) from 15th December – 5th January (inclusive), with closed days 20th December- 2nd January (inclusive).


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  • Sport RugbyFootballAtheleticsCricketSwimmingBasketballHockeyNetballLacrosseGolfCross CountryRowingRacquet SportsShootingFencingCyclingEquestrianSailingPE
View 1) Blouse £24
View 1) White Shirt £16.50
View 2) Black Trousers £30
View 2) Skirt £40
View 3) Black Jacket £90
View 3) Grey Jacket £90
View 4) College Tie £7.50
View 4) Girls Sweater £29
View 5) College Sweater £29
View A Dish Full of History £26.00
View A History of Wellington College 1859-1959 by David Newsome £10.00
Placeholder View A Mug Full of History £20.00
View Admin Fee £10.00
View Ballads of Wellington and the War by Jack Girling £10.00
View Base Layer Leggings £35.50
View Base Layer Top £31
View Black Hoody £30
View Book Bag £30.00
View Boys P E Shirt £17.25
View Boys Rackets Polo £32
View bust of wellington £15.00
View Casio fx-83GT PLUS Calculator £15.95
View College Scarf £25.00
View Crest Tankard £23.00
View Cricket Shirt £35
View Cricket Slip Over £15
View Cycle Shorts £15.50
View E/H Luglayer Holdall £40.00
View E/H Navy Knee Length Socks £4.50
View E/H Stationery Pack £8.50
View Eagle House Base Layer Top £24
View Eagle House Baselayer Leggings £25.00
View Eagle House Beanie £6.00
View Eagle House Book Bag £25.00
View Eagle House Coat £45
View Eagle House Cord Shorts £25
View Eagle House Cord Trousers £28
View Eagle House Cricket Cap £8
View Eagle House Cricket Shirt £16
View Eagle House Cricket Shorts £20
View Eagle House Cricket Slip Over £20
View Eagle House Cricket Trousers £15.00
View Eagle House Games Socks £6.50
View Eagle House Girl’s Match Top £29.00
View Eagle House Girls Red Sweatshirt £15.00
View Eagle House Hoody £15
View Eagle House Jog Top £10
View Eagle House Jog Trousers £8
View Eagle House Jumper £22
View Eagle House Kilt £37.50
View Eagle House Nest Kit Out  
View Eagle House Nest Polo £8.50
View Eagle House PE Polo £10
View Eagle House PE Shorts £5
View Eagle House Pinafore £30
View Eagle House Pre-Prep Boy’s Kit Out  
View Eagle House Pre-prep Swimming Hat £5.00
View Eagle House Prep Swimming Hat £5.00
View Eagle House Rugby Match Top £35
View Eagle House Rugby Shorts £13.50
View Eagle House Skort £16
View Eagle House Swim Shorts £9
View Eagle House Swimsuit £18.00
View Eagle House Track Suit Trousers £25
View Eagle House Tracksuit Top £28
View Eagle House Training Top £15
View Eagle House White Blouse £9
View Field Gun Tie £12.50
View Football Shorts £25
View Football/Hockey Top £30
View Games Skort £32
View Games Socks £10
View Girls Games Top £31.50
View Girls P E Shirt £17.25
View Girls Rackets Polo £30
View Head Band £6.25
View Knitted Beanie £5.00
View Laundry Bag £7.50
View Legionnaires Sun Hat £6.00
View Lion brooch £7.00
View Money Clip £20.00
View Name Tapes £8.00
View Navy Cricket Cap £8
View O.W Chain Cufflinks £30.00
View O.W Fleece Backed Scarf £30.00
Placeholder View O.W golf umbrella £35.00
View O.W Tie in a Box £24.00
View O.W. Bow Tie £27.00
View O.W. Braces £31.00
View O.W. Cravat £30.00
View O.W. Cricket Slip Over £60.00
View O.W. Cummerbund £35.00
View O.W. Games Sock £10.00
View O.W. Mix and Match Cufflinks £15.00
View O.W. Polo Shirt £30.00
View O.W. Rugby Shirt £50.00
View O.W. Scarf £30.00
View O.W. Society Bow Tie £30.00
View O.W. Socks £11.95
View O.W. Tie £24.00
View O.W. Uncrushable Tie £28.00
View Old Boy’s House Shirts £30.00
View Old Girl’s House Shirt £30.00
View Old House Socks £5.00
View P E Shorts £25.50
View Padlock £4.50
View PE Bag £6.00
View Pewter Hip Flask with Crest £38.00
View Pocket Watch £50
View Pre-prep Book Bag £6.00
View Prefects Scarf £25
View Rackets Skort £32
View Red Tie £3
View Rugby and Hockey Shorts £20.50
View Rugby Scarf £25.00
View Rugby Top £48
View Scrunchie £3.70
View Section Tops £10
View Shield – Darkwood £29.00
View Shield – Lightwood £29.00
View Shock Doctor Braces Mouth Guard £18.00
View Shock Doctor Mouth Guard £15.00
View Silver Engraved Cufflinks £30
View Socks 3 pack (black) size 11-14 £9.99
View Socks 6 pack (black) sz 6-11 £9.99
View Sports Bag £35.00
View Sports Bottle £6.50
View Swim Shorts £12
View Swim Suit £15
View Swimming Bag £7.75
View Tie – Academic Scholar £11.50
View Tie – Fencing £12.50
View Tie – Full Colours £7.50
View Tie – Half Colours £7.50
View Tie – Leadership £8.50
View Tie – Maths £10.50
View Tie – Music Scholar £11.50
View Tie – Polo £11.50
View Tie – Prefects £11.50
View Tie – Rackets £27
View Tie – Royal Marine £12.50
View Tie – Service £8
View Tie – Shooting £10.50
View Tie – Sports Scholar £11.50
View Tights £5.95
View Top up £10
View Tracksuit Top £45
View Tracksuit Trousers £39
View Training Top £30
View Tuck Box-Aluminium £85.00
View Tuck Box-Navy £75
View Tuck Box-Union Jack £75.00
View W/C Stationery Pack £30.00
View W200 Anniversary Mug £15.00
View W200 Battle Scene Mug £8.50
View W200 Bow Tie £15.00
View W200 compact mirror £25.00
View W200 Cufflinks £11.00
View W200 date pin £4.00
View W200 folding umbrella £20.00
View W200 golf umbrella £30.00
View W200 handbag mirror £25.00
View W200 notebook and pen £10.00
View W200 Pen £15
View W200 Tankard £35.00
View W200 Tie £15.00
View W200 Tie pin £4.00
View W200 Victory Pin £4.00
View W200 Waterloo Postcard £0.60
View W200 Wellington Postcard £0.50
View W200 Words Mug £15.00
View Waterloo by Sir Michael Howard £5.00
View Waterloo to Wellington By Joanna Seldon £5.00
View WC Cricket Trousers £15.00
View Wellington Coaster £2.50
View Wellington College Boy’s 3rd, 4th and 5th Form Kit Out  
View Wellington College Boy’s 6th Form Kit Out  
View Wellington College Cushion Cover £17.00
View Wellington College Girl’s 3rd, 4th & 5th Form Kit Out  
View Wellington College Girl’s 6th Form Kit Out  
View Wellington College Metal Key Ring £4.50
View Wellington College Travel Mug £15.00
View Wellington College: The First 150 Years By Patrick Mileham £15.00
View Wellington Place mat £8
View Wellington Scent Spray £15
View Wellington Towel £15.00
View White Base Layer Top £37
View White College Mug £4.00
View White Hoody £30
View White Shirt £10
At Wellington our aim is to provide a sports programme that is based on enjoyment, learning and performance.